John Toft, Sr.

Charles Meyer

Baltimore beers, shot glasses, perfumes

Vice President
Micah Dolina

Rita Miller
Violin and musical bottles


Sue Acosta & Bill Deterding

Fruit jars

Andy Agnew *

General with emphasis on Medicines

Doc & Barbara Andersen *

Baltimore bottles

Kim & Eugene Baker

Balto Co. Milks, Flasks, Butler MD Milks

Donald Benson
Balto beers, Whiskey Jugs, & Inks

James Bialozynski

Beers and milks

Dennis Black

Thurmont, Emmitsburg, MD Milks

Jerry & Bonnie Blevins
Foust Distillery Glen Rock PA,MD & PA blue dec. Stoneware

Bernard Bodt

MD cans and labels

Charles Boice

Suzanne Bonner

Animal shaped bottles & banks

John & Anne Bowen

Laurel, MD & glass fire grenades

Thomas & Shirley Brooks

Scott Brown

Baltimore & Newark, NJ Breweries

Mel Brundick

Old Wine, Whiskey, Ale & Beer,Cockeysville Distillery

Larry Bryant

Baltimore & Newark, NJ Breweries

George "Howard" Burch

Hobbleskirt Coca Cola

George & Jenny Burlock

Balto beers, Maryland milks & medicines, Error bottles

John Cain

SE Balto City, Highlandtown, Canton

Doug & Joan Campbell

Balto milks, pharmacy, meds, sodas

Peter Cassilly
All kinds

Steve Charing *

Barber bottles; Star of David; any Howard County MD bottles

Jim and Marge Choplick * *

Snaptop & stoneware inks,Embossed Balto drug stores

Mike Cianciosi

Beer/Soda from DC & Alexandria, VA
See my website at:

Charlene Clark

Maryland Dairy

Mike Connolly

Patent meds, bitters, water, whiskey & insulators

Patrick J. Connolly

Pre-1900 Medicines

Stuart & Martha Cornett
Baltimore mini-jugs, shot glasses.

Bob Crew

Colored Shoe Polish

Jayne Dattilio

Micah Dolina

Balto City & County milks

Wayne Donoho
Milks, Beers & Sodas

Michael Downing

Eric & Teresa Ewen *

Baltimore beers; Woodlawn, MD bottles

Paul Fite

All types

Bob Ford *

All types esp. Baltimore, Foods, Poisons

James W. Gerwig, Sr.

Balto Pre-Prohibition beers & Misc

Eric & Jody Gunn

Colored Mason 1868 jars, Strap flasks from MD & DC

Daniel & Karen Hamilton

All types

Brennan & Peggy Harrington
Maryland Bottles

David Helmcamp


Alex Hertzman

Rheumatic & cough cures; seltzers, cobalt blues

Charles & Judy Iager

Milks esp. Maryland

Wayne Jacober

MD stoneware, jugs & crocks -any town

Paul Jung

Clay pipes & Inks

Tom & Caroline Koluch
All types

Phyllis Krochmal

Railroad, medicines, milks

Rick & Karen Lease

Clear early fruit jars, colored Balto pharmacy

Gene & Nancy Leasure

Flasks, Inks, Medicines etc.

Frank & Joanne Lehnoff

Beers, sodas, meds

Wayne Little

Baltimore beers and sodas.

Reggie Lynch

Sheridan Lyons

Inks, Colored, World's Fair

A. Glen Jr. and Kathy Mansberger *
Inkwells, Poisons, Balto soda & beers

Glen III & Tammy Mansberger

Poisons & Baltimore

Mary McCann

Linda McDaniel

Pickle jars & nursing bottles

Jack McWilliams

Over 100 yrs old

Michael J. McKenna

Balto Beers & Sodas, Balto microbreweries

John & Miriam Miceli

Jim Mitchell

Inks, Bitters, Flasks & handled Whiskies

Bill & Pat Mueller

All Annapolis & Anne Arundel County

Robert Muth

Baltimore Medicines

Jim Phillips & Chris Mikros *
Perfumes, Figurals, teal colored

James A. Poole
Harford County bottles,Balto & MD sodas & beers

Charles M. Purcell

All Baltimore esp. Stoneware whiskey, Quack meds

Nic Queen

Milks, Clorox cleaners, beers

David & Joyce Recker

Black glass

Bob Riley
Poisons, ambers & misc.

Kathy Rost

Many kinds

Chris Rowell

Pontiled Balto sodas, meds, foods See my website at:

Jack Saley
All kinds especially milks

Jeff Scharf

Medicines with label & contents

Jim & Joyce Scharf

All types

Jim & Lynn Sears

Fruit jars

Frank & Mary Clare Simon

Baltimore all kinds

Clinton 0. Smith
Baltimore Beers

Mark & Aleksander Smith

Various antique

Ronald, Linda & Joey Smith
All types

Barbara Stevens

Colored bottles & bottles with angels or animals

Jeff Strong

Bill, Jo & Seth Thomas

Shaker, barber

John J. Toft, Sr.

All Baltimore, Inks, Balto blob sodas

Scott P. & Wendy M. Tyson

figural bitters, colored historical flasks, Binninger & early colored

Roy K. Wadsworth

Balto glass & stoneware See my website at:

Henry Waskey

Maryland milks

James Weiss

Baltimore Beer, prohibition whiskey

Walter Weiss, Sr.

Baltimore Beer, prohibition whiskey

Alan Wesche

Kansas bottles; Bitters, Sanborn Parker, Boston pickle jars

Pete & Bev Whiteford *

Lawrence & Sue Williams


Jon Wolz

DC Bottles & go withs; Chestnut Farms,Wise Bros. etc.

* Denotes BABC Distinguished Service Award recipient

Last updated: April 18, 2017

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