Baltimore Bottle Book cover

Baltimore Bottle Book
(sold out)

The 4th edition of the Baltimore Bottle Book is sold out. It contained 263 pages (including numerous color photos of bottles) representing around 3,500 listings of embossed Baltimore bottles that were manufactured between 1820 and 1990. Grouped by bottle category or type (i.e. Beers, Medicines, etc.), each bottle was described with respect to its size, color, markings and other characteristics as well as its degree of scarcity—Rare, Uncommon, or Common—as determined by category specialists from within the Baltimore Antique Bottle Club. Because of fluidity in the prices of bottles, no estimates of monetary values were offered.

The 4th edition updated and expanded upon the information presented in the sold-out previous three editions, which were published in 1998, 2002 and 2007, respectively. Introductions were provided for many categories that explained, among other things, the basis for determining the degree of scarcity. They included helpful diagrams, photographs and other tools to assist the reader.

The Baltimore Bottle Book was the fulfillment of a vision by the late William A. “Doc” Andersen that originated in 1985. Back then, he asked the members of the Baltimore Antique Bottle Club to “make your own list [of Baltimore bottles] so that someday a comprehensive listing of Baltimore bottles can be published.” Through his leadership, Doc Andersen called upon the assistance of many club members and others within the bottle community to help produce the book. His wife, Barbara Andersen, had been deeply involved in the book’s production as well as designing the attractive covers for all four editions.

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